Rediscover the

Original Wonder

Rediscover the miracle of our one and only body,
our one and only earth.

Indulge in the treasures provided by our Mother Earth,
free from artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Renew and restore your skin in a natural environment through the essence of marine organisms and plant extracts.

UNI- is about achieving healthy skin
rejuvenation through minimal and purest
ingredients from mother nature.

Our digestive system transforms the food we eat into nutrients, an excessive intake of food results in indigestion and weakening the functionality of our digestive system overtime.

The same is true of our facial skin cells when they interact with the ingredients from our skincare products, absorbing the nutrients beneficial to skin cell growth. An excess of it will cause our skin cells to experience fatigue and reducing the overall quality of skin cell regeneration.

Key Ingredients

This revolutionary key ingredient that makes up the foundation of UNI® is Chitin Biotechnology. Chitin, a natural, cationic biopolymer abundantly available in nature, is a primary component of cell walls in fungi and the exo-skeletons of arthropods, such as crustaceans (crabs, lobsters and shrimps) and insects.

Combined with skin-loving ingredients and extracts such as antioxidant-rich rosemary and naturally skin cell-enhancing sophora flavescens root, the protective, restorative, hydrating, skin renewing, and anti-aging properties of UNI® are truly unprecedented and unsurpassed.