Skin Cell Activation and Regeneration Essence For Women

  • Suitable for multiple usage daily
  • Free from hormones, fragrance, emulsifier, colourants, mineral oils, silicones and sodium benzoate
  • The essence can be used on the skin around the eyes
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Skin Cell Activation and Regeneration Essence For Women

UNI- Life Skin Cell Activation and Regeneration Essence consist of carefully selected ingredients with one purpose in mind, to curate the perfect environment for the skin to recover and regenerate.

Filled with natural ingredients, a gift of nature from the sea, enriched with Rosemary, leaving a subtle and enchanting scent. Paired with Sophora Flavescens Extract to prevent environmental damage and strengthen the natural resistance of the skin.

By penetrating deeply into the skin, UNI- ensures a flawless renewal of the facial skin cells, which in turn keeps the skin radiant throughout the day. In posing as a perfect barrier for the skin, UNI- gives the skin cells room to unleash their own ability of natural healing. Hence, activating the skin immunity system.

Customised to accelerate skin recovery and regeneration, with a mixture of benefits besides the immediate glowing and moisturised face. UNI- is gentle, delicate and suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry, sensitive to normal. In providing women with a youthful and radiant skin, it is an essential attribution to a world class skincare.

For all skin types
Normal | Oily | Combination | Dry | Sensitive

Why use
Slow down aging
Skin protection barrier
Reduce the occurrence of acne
Sensitive skin repair
Accelerate skin recovery
Accelerate skin regeneration

How to use
Cleanse the face and neck
Apply the essence evenly onto the face and neck
Gently pat the essence onto the skin till it is absorbed

Store in a cool and dry place
Good for keeping for 36 months before opening
Use within 12 months upon opening
Use within 6 months upon opening for optimal results

Keep out of reach of children